The investigator of the LIFE ? project wishes to thank:

His parents
His brother
His in-laws
All his friends
Vince, Marcus, Yannick and Sven for their talent and support to the project
Zo and Taps from Mabasi
Johan and Sarah from Publicity Shop
World of skateboarding
Nicolas from Studio Ginkgo for the realisation of this website
Fabien Leibzig for the animated logo
Johan from Fighting Spirit Tattoo for the first official serie « Signs » and model hands, Inès
Daniele for the home made silkscreen of the « Hommage » serie
Mr. Yin Liang for the chinese calligraphy
Mr. Chajai Hicham for the arabic calligraphy
Writers Krishnamurti, De Mello, Egli, Beigbeder, Chopra, Redfield, Byrne and many others
All the people supporting the idea or indirectly